Lindsay Unified School District

Lindsay Unified School District RFPs

Lindsay Unified School District Requests for Proposals

Throughout each school year, Lindsay Unified School District (LUSD) will periodically release RFPs to establish costs associated with acquisition of essential learning supplies and enterpise or infrastructure systems.  

Below you will find RFP listings by date along with their associated addendums.  Please remember that it's the responsibility of the vendor to check for any new adendums prior to the bidding deadline in accordance with the associated RFP.


December 2015:

LTE for EDU - Project#2015-001.pdf

Addendum - LTE for EDU - Project#2015-001.A01.pdf

May 2016:

FY17 Learner Laptops - Project#2016-001.pdf

FY17 Learner Chromebooks - Project#2016-002.pdf

May 2017:

FY18 Learner Laptops - Project#2017-001.pdf

FY18 Learner Chromebooks - Project#2017-002.pdf

June 2017:

RFP NO.2017-003 - Comprehensive Utility Savings Program

May 2018:

FY19 Learner Laptops - Project#2019-001.pdf

FY19 Learner Chromebooks - Project#2019-002.pdf