Lindsay Unified School District

Professional Learning Opportunities

This page features the TSL Empower Lindsay professional learning structures and opportunities.

See links at the bottom of the page for more on current professional learning offerings and application processes for professional learning.

For more on the master degree opportunities from partner universities and colleges, see links and files below:


File View/Download
TSL Menu of Professional Learning View/Download
TSL Professional Learning Flier View/Download
Better Lesson Micro Credential Overview and Resources View/Download
Better Lesson Webinar View/Download
TIE Digital Skills Learning Academy Overview View/Download
TIE Fast Runners Academy Overview View/Download
TIE Customized Learning Micro Credential Overview View/Download
Internal Application for Professional Learning Opportunities 2018 View/Download
TSL Master's Opportunity Overview View/Download
Certificated Application for TSL Master's Degree Opportunity View/Download
Wilson College- Master of Special Education Brochure View/Download
Wilson College- Master of Educational Technology Brochure View/Download
Wilson College- Master of Mass Customized Learning Brochure View/Download
Wilson College- Master of Education Brochure View/Download