Lindsay Unified School District



No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

The No Child Left Behind legislation is highly focused on the importance of parental involvement and parent notifications of district programs and services. 

School CHOICE Options: With the No Child Left Behind law, parents of students attending a Title I Program Improvement (PI) school may send their child to a non-Program Imporvement school in the district. Currently, four schools in Lindsay Unified School District are identified as Program Improvement. They are Washington Elementary, Jeffereson Elementary, Lindsay High School, and J.J. Cairns Continuation School. If a parent is interested in transferring their child to a Non-PI school in our district for the 2014-20015 school year, please click here (English and Spanish) for a list of non-Program Improvement Schools available for transfer. All requests for transfer under the CHOICE option must be received at the schhol by August 7, 2014. All request will be taken into consideration and notification of the final decision will be made by the first day of school, August 13, 2014. Request forms are listed here for each Program Improvement School.