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Lindsay Unified School District City Wi-Fi

In Lindsay, CA we're striving to create a real 21st century classroom.  "What is a 21st century classroom" you may ask.  Our re-imagining of the traditional classroom and bringing it into the 21st century isn't just about what we're doing within the four wall Learners have grown accustomed to, the classroom is the world we live in.  We have the tools, now let's make the most of them.  We're bringing endless online resources and distance learning not only to our schools, but to wherever our Learners may be.

2016-2017 LUSD Eligible Community Wi-Fi Service Area




In December of 2014, Lindsay USD reached out with a plea for support:


Over the next half a year, LUSD spoke with and vetted solutions brought forth by numerous organizations trying to help LUSD make real its vision.


In August of 2015, LUSD began work with supporting parties to begin the Lindsay Unified School District Community Wi-Fi Project.

-  Project completion: <365 days

-  400 anticipated  residential installations

-  6 apartment complexes throughout Lindsay, CA

-  2 city parks

-  McDermont Field House


We were soon able to start mapping our community coverage:

September 2015

November 2015



RFP Posting:

LTE for EDU - Project#2015-001.pdf

Addendum - LTE for EDU - Project#2015-001.A01.pdf