Lindsay Unified School District

2015 Ice Cream Social

Lindsay Unified School District held its Annual Employee Recognition Ice Cream Social on May 6, 2015 at Reagan Elementary School.  We honored those that embraced and promoted the tenants of the Lindsay Unified Strategic Design, as well as landmarks for Years of Service and Retirees.  For specific details on the event, refer to the attached brochure


10 Years of Service

      15 Years of Service        20 Years of Service




30 Years of Service


Clerical/Confidential Employee of the Year

Adriana Reveles


Supplemental Services Employee of the Year

Silberia Gallegos





Classified Support Services Employee of the Year

Berenice Ramirez


Instructional Services Employee of the Year

Jennifer Paolini-Long


Support Services Employee of the Year

Ana Maria Romero





Administrator of the Year

Cinnamon Scheufele



Patricia Fox



Joanie Wollenman




The following honorees were recognized at the 2014/2015 Employee Recognition:

10 Years of Service          
Megan Beltran, IDD Specialist, Curriculum      
Sylvia Carmona, Learning Facilitator, Washington Elementary  
Jose Castaneda, Maintenance I, Maintenance      
Danny Diaz, Case Manager, Healthy Start      
Lucero Galindo, Learning Facilitator, Roosevelt Elementary  
Maricela Gonzalez, Learning Facilitator, Jefferson Elementary  
Estela Gonzalez, Learning Facilitator, Washington Elementary  
Shanna Lemus, Learning Facilitator, Reagan Elementary    
Daniel Ortiz, Custodian/Grounds, Maintenance    
Mirta Salinas, Learning Facilitator, Washington Elementary  
Mildred Watts, Student Safety Monitor, Roosevelt Elementary  
15 Years of Service          
Ana Benitez, Counselor, Lindsay High School      
Elizabeth Benitez, Curriculum Support Assistant, Lindsay High School  
Margaret Bloetscher, Dir .Assessment & Projects, Curriculum  
Lance Cheatwood, Learning Facilitator, Lindsay High School  
Cheri Doria, Director of Preschool, Preschool      
Roger Gonzales, Learning Facilitator, Lindsay High School    
Dawnalee Gonzalez, Learning Facilitator, Roosevelt Elementary  
Steven Miller, Learning Facilitator, Jefferson Elementary    
Brett Pierotte, Learning Facilitator, Lindsay High School    
Cristy Rodriguez, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Student Services  
Ronda Smee, District Nurse, Student Services      
Michael (Eric) Smith, Learning Facilitator, Lindsay High School  
Mary Soto, Cafeteria Server, Food Service      
Nancy Wills, Learning Facilitator, Lindsay High School    
Brandi Zike, Learning Facilitator, Lindsay High School    
Suzanne Zuiderweg-Mcelmoyl, Learning Facilitator, Lindsay High School
20 Years of Service          
Maria Serrano, Cafeteria Manager, Food Service    
Angelica Valencia, Attendance/Health Clerk, Jefferson Elementary  
30 Years of Service          
Maria Macias, Migrant Student, Recruiter Migrant    
Sandra Mckinney, Learning Facilitator, Roosevelt Elementary  
Shirley Moore, In School Suspension Coordinator, Lindsay High School
Juanita Rios, ASP Leader I, Afterschool Program    
Employees of the Year          
Clerical/Confidential: Adriana Reveles, STARS Afterschool Program  
Supplemental Services: Silberia Gallegos, Preschool    
Classified Support Services: Berenice Ramirez, Food Services  
Instructional Services: Jennifer Paolini-Long, Lincoln Elementary  
Support Services: Ana Maria Romero, Migrant Services    
Administrator: Cinnamon Scheufele, Washington Elementary  
Patricia Fox, Business Services        
Joanie Wollenman, Washington Elementary