Lindsay Unified School District

Nutritional Services


Empowering and Motivating to Eat Well,Be Well, Ready to Learn.

Lindsay Unified School District Nutrition Services Department is made up of a team of food and nutrition professionals that are dedicated to a learners health ,well being, and their ability to learn. We support learning by promoting healthy meals, foods , and habits, for lifelong nutrition.

Meals, foods, and beverages sold or served at  our schools meet state and federal requirements which are based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines. We provide learners with access to a variety of affordable and appealing foods that meet the health and nutrition needs of all learners.  We operate under the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs.  Our meals follow all regulations pertaining to these programs. Healthy balanced meals. Our department would like to encourage every parent, and learner, to remember the connection between breakfast and better academic performance. START YOUR DAY THE BREAKFAST WAY!!! We offer a quality breakfast and lunch every day.

It is the vision of this department to help enocourage all staff, learners, and parents to be aware of the critical connection between good nutrition and learning.

Our district offers all meals at No Charge to all enrolled Learners.  We offer many programs for our community of learners. They include breakfast, lunch,snacks and summer feeding programs to help all learners to Eat Well and Be Well, Ready To Learn.

Our department supports all efforts to provide meals to our learners in a variety of ways.  Please be sure to take advantage of our program by perticipating in our breakfast , lunch and afterschool snack program snack program each day our learning community is in session. You may also look for us when we are out of session. Our Summer Feeding program is second to none.


To find out more information about Lindsay Unified's Nutritional Services Department and the services that it offers to the district and the community go to our School Nutrition & Fitness site .