Lindsay Unified School District


Blackboard Connect is used for the purpose of mass communication of:

  • General Outreach
  • Attendance
  • Emergency
  • Surveys


You can create Single and Multi-Question Survey messages. The Recipients will use their phones to press the number corresponding to the answer they would like to give. The results are recorded and made avilable to you.


When you create and save a Template, you can reuse ita s often as you like for future messages. This is ideal for user who routine mass notification message or want an Emergency Notification message on hand during potential crises.

iPhone App

The app is an administrative user application to send out quick and easy mass notifications directly from your phone. This is not an app for recipients.


There are new training schedules every month. After logginging into Blackboard, click on the Request online Training link. An email will be sent to you with the training schedule for that month.

Connect Support

If you are having problems with a particular message, or it failed, contact BB customer support so they can resolve the issue.

District Wide Messages

K-12:  Reserved holidays, extended breaks, and Mandatory Staff development days (non-student attendance)

  • August: First Day of School
  • September: Labor Day
  • October: Mandatory Staff development days (non-student attendance)
  • November:  Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving Break
  • December/January:  Winter Break
  • January:  Martin Luther King   |  Mandatory Staff development days (non-student attendance)
  • February:  Lincoln and Washington
  • March:  Spring Break  |  Mandatory Staff development days (non-student attendance)
  • May:  Labor Day
  • K-8:  Parent Conferences notifications in November and February.  

Blackboard Connect messages sent from the District Office are schedule at 6 p.m. prior to the scheduled non-attendance day(s).  Any site specific requests for call outs to all families require prior approval (i.e. Kindergarten Registration, Preschool Registration).  To schedule an all call out for your site or for specific questions regarding these procedures, contact Human Resources.

Attendance Calls

Automated attendance calls go out in the evening to notify parents of unexcused absences for that day. Washington and Jefferson also have automated calls at 12pm.

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