Lindsay Unified School District

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Performance-Based Education

Performance-Based Education in and of itself is not a new idea; however, its implementation in the
United States is noteworthy in that more and more schools are embracing this change from traditional
education methods and systems, and have seen significant positive outcomes. Transitioning to a
performance-based system (PBS) requires a paradigm shift throughout the entire school community.
Lindsay Unified School District began an entire district-wide restructuring in 2009 in order to transform
the district into a model PBS. In 2012, Lindsay was awarded a US Department of Education Race to the
Top-District grant to continue this groundbreaking work in California education.

Transforming Education

Students, parents, teachers, district sta! and community members support Lindsay’s vision. Watch the video below
to see them talk about their experiences with PBS, from every point of view.

Schedule a Visit

Lindsay welcomes visitors from all facets of education: parents, teachers and school administration,
district leaders and governing boards, and state and national policymakers; members of the press have
attended open houses and visited various parts of our program.
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