Lindsay Unified School District

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Over the past six years, as Lindsay Unified School District has implemented our performance-based
system through an entire district restructuring and system re-design, the education world has noticed.
Several publications have featured Lindsay in articles about education reform, performance-based
systems, and Race to the Top programs.

Wall Street Journal - Shaking up the Classroom

Ed Surge - How Lindsay Unified Redesigned Itself From The Ground Up

Ed Week - Competency-Based Schools Embrace Digital Learning

In addition, two of the leading proponents of performance-based systems and mass customized
learning, Charles Schwahn and Bea McGarvey, have not only been instrumental in advising Lindsay
on implementation, they are so impressed with the work Lindsay has done, they have referenced the
district in their newest book on mass customized learning, Inevitable Too!:


Lindsay has begun transforming education and taken steps to make Mass

Customized Learning (MCL) a reality…strong, committed, and passionate

leadership, a changing culture supportive of learners and learning…”

Lindsay is “applying the Total Leaders Framework as their leadership

model, they used our Strategic Design process for setting their direction

and the MCL Vision as their picture of what they will look like, feel like, and

be like when operating at their ideal best. -Bea McGarvey