Lindsay Unified School District

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Learner Focused

Learners are now called LEARNERS at Lindsay schools. Teachers have become FACILITATORS. Based on current levels of subject and content mastery, learners and facilitators create roadmaps for progress and the drive to advance comes from the learner. Learners work at their own pace and with learners at the same level of mastery. The key to learner advancement is in the data-driven systems below.

Systemic Change

Lindsay completely restructured the district in 2009, starting with the administration and the way they led the district. The school facilities went from three K-6 elementary schools and one middle school, to six K-8 elementary schools. Teachers became “facilitators,” and learners became “learners.” In 2012, Lindsay became a Race to the Top-District grantee and continued our transformation with digital content, online resources for learners, facilitators, and parents.

Data Driven

The 2012 Race to the Top-District award afforded Lindsay the opportunity to further change how our learners identified subjects and content areas in which they needed to demonstrate mastery, how they demonstrated mastery of those subjects and content areas, and how facilitators (teachers) construct lesson plans, assessments, and progress reports.