Lindsay Unified School District

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Charles Schwahn | Total Leaders

Charles Schwahn has made his professional life a study of leadership and effective organizations. For the past 30 years he has worked with school systems and businesses throughout the United States providing consultation on the topics of leadership, change, and future-focused strategic design. His career has placed him in nearly all the critical roles of the education profession. Since 2007, Charles has worked closely with Lindsay Unified to develop the performance-based system and transform

District leadership. Charles is co-author of Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning; Total Leaders: Applying the Best Future-Focused Change Strategies to Education; Total Leaders 2.0: Leading in the Age of Empowerment; and Learning Communities 2.0.

Beatrice McGarvey | Mass Customized Learning

Beatrice McGarvey has consulted with educators throughout the United States and Canada in the areas of teaching and learning, leadership and organizational development. Her knowledge and experience is a result of a thirty-year career - as a classroom teacher, as a middle school counselor and administrator, and as a district and state leader. Bea worked with Lindsay Unified on the development of the district’s strategic design and continues to partner with LUSD in realizing their vision for learning and leading. She is co-author of Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning; The Future is Now: Shifts and Trends That are Redefining Organizations, Careers, and Life; and Total Leaders: A Leadership Curriculum used by the Pennsylvania Leadership Development Consortium.

Dr. Robert Marzano | Marzano Research Labs

Dr. Robert Marzano is a leading researcher in the field of education. An internationally known trainer and speaker, Dr. Marzano has authored more than 30 books on topics such as instruction, assessment, standards, cognition, and effective leadership. His ongoing work with Lindsay Unified has informed leading and learning and contributed to the development and implementation of LUSD’s PBS model.

West Ed Regional Educational Laboratory

WestEd is a national network of regional educational laboratories (RELs) whose mission is to provide research, analytic support, and resources that increase the use of high-quality data and evidence in education decision-making. WestEd Regional Educational Laboratory West works in partnership with LUSD focusing on increasing college and career readiness, strengthening educator effectiveness, accelerating achievement among English learners, and improving school climate and student achievement.