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Testing Coordinators' Information


LUSD Assessment Dates

LUSD Assessment Calendar 16-17


CAASPP Interim Assessments

CAASPP Interim Assessment User Guide

2016-2017 CAASPP Test Security Affidavit for Test Examiners, Proctors, Scribes

2016-2017 CAASPP Interim Assessment Administration Resources

2016-2017 Interim Assessment Blocks (IABs) Overview

2016-2017 Available Interim Assessment Blocks (IABs) by Grade

2016-2017 IAB's Total Number of Items and Handscoring Requirements


Usability, Accessibility and Accommodations

2016-2017 SBAC Usability, Accessibility and Accommodations Guidelines

Matrix One:  Universal Tools, Designated Supports and Accommodations

Matrix Two:  Testing Variations, Accommodations, and Modifications for CELDT and PFT

Matrix Three:  Testing Variations, Accommodations and Modifications for PFT and EL's

ISAAP Tool 2017 Instructions


CAASPP Summative Assessments

2016-2017 CAASPP Test Security Affidavit for Test Examiners, Proctors, Scribes

CAASPP Online Test Administration Manual 16-17



CELDT 2016-2017

CELDT Security Agreement for District and Site Coordinators

CELDT Security Affidavit for Examiners

CELDT Coordinator's Manual

CELDT Information Guide

CELDT Group Administration Talking Points

CELDT Test Variations and Accommodations

Early Assessment Program (EAP)

All students now participate in EAP by virtue of completing the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments for English language arts/literacy and mathematics. Students must authorize the release of their CAASPP (i.e., Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment) results for each assessment to the CSU and CCC systems.

Physical Fitness 2015-2016

2015-2016 Physical Fitness Coordinator Manual

2015-2016 Physical FitnessTest Administration Instructions 

2015-2016 Quick Reference Guide

Physical Fitness Training Videos

Matrix Two of Test Variations, Accommodations, and Modifications for the Physical Fitness Test

Matrix Three of Test Variations for the Physical Fitness Test

Testing Coordinator's Meeting Handouts

Testing Coordinator's Individual Meetings - August 2016

Testing Coordinator's Meeting - October 2016

Testing Coordinator's Meeting - January 2017